Tom Ramsey – Louisville J6 Rioter (Westmark Design & Construction)

Thomas Andrew Ramsey is a Trump supporter from Louisville, CO who attended the January 6th Capitol siege in Washington D.C.  Ramsey is a registered Republican and owner of WestMark Design & Construction, a home-building company that received $23,770 in Federal Paycheck Protection loan aid in 2020.

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Contact information for Tom Ramsey.

Action Items

1. Review WestMark Design and Construction on BBB, AngiesList, Manta, and Google.

Keep in mind that these sites often delete “politically motivated” reviews, so you may want to limit your commentary to bad service, poor customer care, etc.

Thomas Ramsey

Thomas Ramsey was spotted by Anonymous Comrade on Twitter helping another rioter get closer to the capitol:

High-resolution screen captures from the source footage at the capital confirm that WestMark Design & Construction is printed on Tom’s jacket.

Unbeknownst to us, Tom decided to leave his photo on the WestMark Design & Construction About page, which allowed us to confirm his identity with the man at the capitol siege.

Tom Ramsey’s photo featured on the WestMark Design & Construction website.

tom ramsey headshot

WestMark Design and Construction is registered at Tom’s 1.4 million dollar home near downtown Louisville. Outside the home sits Tom’s 2013 Chevrolet Silverado.

1100 Grant Street Louisville Tom Ramseys House
Tom Ramsey’s 1.4 million dollar home
Tom’s truck parked outside his house.

Flyers warning about Tom were posted up in his neighborhood and downtown Louisville.

Download a copy of the flyer to print here

Amazon Employee

Of note to other researchers, the person Tom is helping has an Amazon logo on his glove, likely indicating previous or current employment at the company.


Far too much ink has been spilled about the nature of the Trump coalition and its street-fighting wings. Thomas Ramsey is one of many examples of the true composition of the right-wing of Amerikkkan politics; he is, like much of the reactionary movement that brought Trump into office, wealthy and white, a small business owner with the disposable income to travel across the country for a political-rally-turned-failed-putsch. He does not live in a trailer-home, nor does he live in a rural community. He, and his millions of compatriots who cast votes and rallied for Trump, lives down the street in a suburb. The defeat of Trump did nothing to defeat the social forces that pushed Ramsey and others to assault the capitol. We must protect our communities from violent racists and nationalists, and this includes Ramsey.


Anna Bader of Louisville, Colorado

Tom Ramsey’s neighbor Anna “fucking” Bader has written to us express her discontent about her neighbor being recognized as one of the guys trying to forcibly overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Email from Anna Bader reading: Go fuck yourself.... Spineless little cunt. I hope Thomas sues for defamation. Sincerely, a Louisville Patriot who doesn't stick their nose up everyone's ass and attempt to destroy a persons business because they have a different opinion. Grow up, fucking worthless piece of shit. - Anna fucking Bader

Anna Bader lives two blocks away from Tom and according to her LinkedIn, she works in HR at Ionex Research Corporation in Lafayette.

Anna Bader's LinkedIn Profile showing her working at Ionex Research Corporation in Lafayette Colorado